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The Americans

Title : The Americans
Cast : Keri Russel , Matthew Rhys
Season : Season 3 (Season 4 will start in 2016)

The Americans, kinda slow for my liking, but watching it slowly and having the story build up is a great experience. Only finished two seasons now, and will be on the 3rd season soon. its 4th season will be continuing in 2016, date un-announced yet.

Cast are really great and its story line is particularly good as it is set in the 1980’s and we see how much of a kluts the CIA is and how in detailed and in a system the KGB’s are.

For someone who enjoys series like PERSON OF INTEREST, I would highly recommend this although its not as high tech futuristic AI drive like PERSON OF INTEREST but its really a good show.


Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox



Title : CREED
Release Date : 2015
Cast : Michael B Jordan. Sylverster Stallone

Creed, the spin off movie from the ROCKY drama streak, which includes Rocky himself. Review below will have some spoilers, so avoid this if you don’t like spoilers before watching the movie (if you do intend to watch the movie)

STORY : I love how they made Rocky Balboa with the wife died from a terminal ill disease and now we get to see the movie where his brother in-law and best friend, Paulie off the screen dying from being ill as well. This somehow creates that emotional pity with ROCKY where he was the one always getting injured and brain damage from all the fights but still lives longer then those whom he loves the most. Disappointed that his son wasn’t featured this time.

EVERYONE : Rocky was Rocky, and Michael B Jordan has also showed a good personality performance of the bastard son of APOLLO CREED. He also showcased a better character than of that in FANTASTIC FOUR.

X FACTOR : I LOVE THE ROCKY all the way, and this will always be one of those DVD collections.


The Americans Season 2 Episode 13


Movie: Attack on Titans

Cast : Haruma Miura, Kanata Hongô & Kiko Mizuhara

Release Date : Aug 2015


STORY – As taken from the Anime, one would always expect it to be a bit sucky from the original. But i personally enjoyed Samurai X better than Attack on Titans. Its bit cartoonish, and disappointing in terms of when they commit the attack on the titans. But how they brought the Titans was pretty awesome though. Its so gruesome that u can feel the urke when u see the titans.

EVERYONE – I can sy this, since they are replicating the behaviors those from the anime, there are some slight exaggeration in their emotion expression, but all and all, everyone was not bad.

XFACTOR – they only had the great story from the anime to begin with, and even that, the rushness being out in this, and change of storyline, and missing plots, were a bit of a disappointment. This is what I don’t get, why do feel the urge to put all out there in two movies. You can take your time, You should’ve taken a bit more time in the story telling, those who did not see the anime would be able to appreciate the tragic eating of Eren, and the emotional build up of the characters. And Mikasa’s storyline, totally screwed up.

Recommendation – If you never seen the anime, chances are you’ll be hating this movie for being so poor, but if you do enjoy anime version of this, you’d still be disappointed but in a way, it fulfills your urge to see a masterpiece like Attack on Titans in real life.

Playlist – Attack on Titans



Title : MARVEL’S Jessica Jones
Cast : Krysten Ritter
Season : Season 1

Marvel did it again with their netflix idea of having series on underdog super heroes. Made quite an inpact with their Daredevil netflix, so they decided to add on to the success with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and The Punisher.
We have a dark series on a superhero and the theme is just awesome, totally different that of SHIELD. We get to see a character development in this series from an actress that usually plays a bimbo teen. Im quite surprised that she managed to pull this off.
For those who love Daredevil, I would definitely recommend this. And one good thing bout Netflix bounded series, you’d get the whole season like two days after its release dates.


Attack on Titans (The Movie)

Into the Badlands

into the badlands

Title : Into the Badlands
Season : Season 1
Cast : Daniel Wu

Daniel Wu, has been absent from my views for quite sometime now, and seeing him in an American series is a bit of a fresh air since Ive been quite disappointed with many series lately.

What I like about this series is that, it combines the Distopian atmosphere (similar to that of REVOLUTION, sadly canceled after it had a pretty dumb continuation season). and also we get to see Daniel Wu, in a NEO MATRIX kinda costume with an assassin whom just follows orders but with a conscience kinda character.

It had just started with two episodes, and I’m quite intrigued by it, also Im quite worried that those who are behind this are Alfred Gough, Miles Millar (the pair that was responsible for SMALLVILLE (Had a good start and was pretty good for the DC TV world, but after too long of a run, they tried to put in the elements of Matrix and kiddish too much into it that it kinda made SMALLVILLE boring).

But I do admit that the acting by the others are a bit awkward, as compared to Daniel WU’s, whom I think personally managed to embody his character very well to fit the series.

I would recommend this to those who loves the comic/distopian type of series.



The Walking Dead s06e07

mocking 2

Storyline – I’m not the book reader but as a movie viewer, this series have waisted 4 years of my anticipation. Much like how Harry Potter was and how Hobbit was. Still above Twilight in terms of the love yuckness. But disappointing story non the less.

Everyone – acting wise I’d say its quite ok but u have to admit the Hemsworth in this is rather bluergh.. But uve got to love Castor and Pollux..

X-Factor – the Battle Royalle factor in it …. Epic fail.



Into the Badlands s01e02



Storyline – Love how the story build up was straight forward and not pulp fictional like how Warrior was (Warrior was very much awesome ). Movie kinda had a twist at the beginning that made the whole build up great .

Everyone – cast was pretty awesome as everyones part was played well , and Ive got to admit, that from the storyline to he cast, i actually felt pity on Jakes character , which means im quite touched to the whole father daughter thing.

X-Factor – well. There isnt much X Factor in this that I can think of as so many other fighting movies have made it through my expectations really well (Warrior, Rocky) . Lets see how Creed goes when it comes out.


Homeland s05e08

I have my own two cents on the country we live in, and i decided to have it written for it to be shared. it doesnt meanI’m right, it doesnt mean I’m wrong. So many things in this world today that I dont agree with, and some i agree with. Matter of fact, sometimes we just think things are better off in a different situation. Life is sets of trial and error. But we tend to condemn ourselves for being wrong, even at times when we are actually right. Just as how people condemned someone for saying the world isnt flat.


The kid whom snapped a selfie of him self during his graduation convocation ceremony. Muhammad Hasrul Haris Mohd Radzi, the student who received a diploma in photography. for someone taking that course, he needs to be someone who thinks outside of the box. he did a brave thing, its something to be proud of, unlike being caught with child porn. suspending him for 2 years isnt something I would call fair. We need Malaysians to be good in their academic, having something like this demotivates people, let alone condemn UITM. Im not saying we should let him go, I just think we shouldnt suspend him. Its gonna waste two years of his life, and lets admit it, for a Malaysian Malay, we are not excelling that well compared to other races, not in a good ratio. Yes there has been warnings about not doing certain things, but lets face it. our punishment system has been a bit not on the logical side. lets have a win win situation.

Dont suspend him, instead make him do community service. suspending someone for selfie, and saving someone for child porn isnt something good if compared (no offence). Make him do community service, this way, he gets punish, the community get something off of him for disobeying the law, he gets his punishment, yet he can still continue his studies. taking someone off studies for 6 months is enough to make that person have a turn-off at looking at text books, so 2 years? where u want him to go or what you want him to do? work in McD? Do you want more kids lepaking, purse snatching, take drugs, waste their lives? well this is how you make that happen, by taking away their chance at studying.

Another way at looking at this situation, is – Lets face it, Ive heard so may people complain bout the education institutes in Malaysia. This monstrosity of an action of selfie…. actually made UITM famous. just look at the impressions it got. Look at all other International Universities outside of Malaysia which produces a lot of great thinkers. They motivate thinking outside of the box.

I dont agree with suspension, but I am also saying punish the kid for disobeying a law that clearly stated no selfie during convocation (this was mentioned in the papers, but Im not sure how true this is, did it mention you can get suspended if you do take a selfie?). why punish young achievers thats slowly coming up, I believe this young fellow made a bold good statement with his selfie (sharing with the world that he is super proud to graduate from Malaysia’s leading local institute and receive a scroll from a very respected person). In fact even if he is presented with such a punishment, he should be given a chance to appeal for lighter punishment and should get lighter punishment. we have had worse case scenarios, his actions did not stir up political agendas (like someone whom challenge an institute to bring a certain someone into the hall to give a talk, which clearly was crush government vote opposition driven) nor did he made sarcastic rude remarks on the country or religion through music lyrics.

Lets step back, and re think, just re think. before taking an action or making a public statement. There are more issues to be dealt with which deserves more and better attention from us than a selfie misconduct. a selfie misconduct. selfie misconduct. I mean. WHAT THE HELL..

I believe we need a better system of road block (on a road with 3 lanes, we usually get it bottled neck to one lane for the roadblock to be done. I mean every time there is a roadblock, i see more than 5 officers. we can use cones, and make 3 lanes of roadblock, 3 checking the cars, while 2 are on standby. this deserves more attention and needs to be resolved ,


I’d put more priority on this than a selfie misconduct, traffic jam, can cause a lot of tension and stress. some people needs to be somewhere at a certain time. We understand the need of roadblocks, we just dont understand why you have to do it in bottleneck manner. Well, maybe its just me.. I dont understand.)


Globalization : Globe-A-Lie-Session


Globalisation, is a process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and other aspects of culture. The modernization of human community at a global level. At least thats what I learned in economic class. But instead of the overwhelming definition it is my point of view is way far from it. Its actually no different that what I’m gonna be talking below.


<br />

Zombies. What is this? As far as i can know? Its basically the rise of a new species, that spreads at an exponential growth. Eating and canibalising on every human they can smell see or hear. Its an epidemic it seems. But we all view it as an entertainment. Its actually ironic. Very ironic. Battle and survival of the strongest.



Cancer is a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and are able to invade other tissues. Cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems. Cancer is not just one disease but many diseases. There are more than 100 different types of cancer.

U might be able to save ur self if u discover it at an early stage but even then getting rid of it would just mean that it might come again to haunt u. Can never get rid of them. Again ironic.



Vulture, a large carrion-eating birds that Consumes carrion, garbage, and even excrement. They take helpless prey such as lambs and tortoises or newborn calves. Vultures may remain aloft for hours, soaring gracefully on long, broad wings. When one bird descends to a dead or dying animal, others may be attracted from miles away. Sounds familiar.

Have modernisation help us improve? Or has it become a cancer thats spreading through our lives and making us canibalise into each other and made us so addicted to being the future that we strife in consuming everything we see on earth to fast that we are killing it? You know what I mean.

As humans , we are already zombies. In so many ways.
We pray on the non intelligent people to benefit ourselves. Like selling goods and services that is actually does not even work, or lying to people to take their money on a fast rich scheme, breaking the stock exchange earlier than everyone else so u gain millions while others lose all their savings, winning private or government pitch projects just because u have a bigger hand under the table, creating a reality show on singing when non of the participants can actually sing (dramatic behind the scenes are the key selling point), a celebrity stealing an idea to sell a product to mass from a person who is in need to make his small business work, a bank sales person convincing 200 people a day (minimum 200 contacts) on they are lucky to be eligible to get a credit card or a normal person who refuses to take insurance on his kid and then calling up an agent rudely asking them to provide an insurance plan just because the kid is mow sick n now he would like to enjoy the benefits of an insurance. We are zombies. Instead of spreading war and hate we are insufficient of love spreading.


People spreading across the earth, consuming everything they can for their convenience. Like cancer. Oh yes im talking bout u. Yes u. U whom continuously on the aircond every night even if its a cold night. U whom use paper for every single thing and throw an A4 paper away although u just used only 10% of it. You whom liter batteries to the earth,buys fur coats, eats sharks fin soup, owns a snake skin high heels, shoo monkeys away from ur window as the housing area took their land, buying phones twice a year (do u know what happens to the un used cell phones? Go find out ) throwing garbage out of the car, literig in the river, poaching on elephants, using cheap indonesian labor to make shoes and jeans. We are cancer to the mother nature and ourselves.

We use to have wars to gain land, the more area we cover the more powerful you get? Well now no more, we wage wars with each other to control one single point, where the oil comes out, coz if we control that we control the world. You do know where petroleum comes from? Dead animals from millions of years ago, we are literally consuming a carcass thats compressed long enough to be disgusting to a point that it actually becomes a fuel source. Have u smelled petroleum when u pump in your cars with it? Its disgusting.

These are just the three metaphors I could think of now and wouldn’t want to add to it or my blog would be endless. I write all this based on what Ive gone through and what I see, its the reality we live in. And one thing I have come to realize, is the poison that makes all this happen is our selves, the people who creates the media. Media is said to be the marketing tool for items to be sold. Its suppose to inform the community the existence of a product. In order for people to buy, they need to know the existence of that product. But media in reality is actually an inception, a tool to create a perception that a shampoo is what makes u elegant, a Rolex makes your status stable (Rolex is not a watch,really it is not. Its worth twice of my car and it tells time, only time. I bought a gshock/casio/protrek for RM 300/500 and i get a watch for 5 different time zones, an alarm, an illuminated screen, stop watch, timer, compass, temperature monitor, altitude monitor, heart tracker. What does a Rolex do? Doesn’t tell time really. It only tells people that you are able to buy a rolex. Thats it).

Carbon is bad for health yet cigarets are one of the biggest industries in the FMCG world. We all die of heart disease and obesity yet Mcdonalds has an outlet every 10 KM in almost every country. Carbonated fluids are hazardous to our body yet we see Coke in almost every shop around the globe. We realize carbon from cars destroys the ozone yet we all own a car each and drive alone most of the time. We all say animals are full ferocity but we torture and kill them just for the sake of chemical testing, skin, fins, tusks, and etc. We all say the bear who killed the man in the forest is a beast while everyday someone disposes a baby in the trash. We all admire the life that the Kardashians have while in fact these viewers help them gain millions and when the country hits a catastrophe non of them actually come to aid the one in need. They believe that glamorous life is the place to be but don’t realize that these fashion designers gain wealth run from taxes and party their whole lives while planning on making a designed clothing that came out from a ridiculous trash of an idea only to squeeze more out of the community ( you do know that all those rich celebrities wear those hundreds of thousands worth designers stuff for free as advertising. The people who buys it are actually the great middle income earners. The high income earners demand free service in exchange for their reputation, and this is actually happening behind our backyards.

I’ve been a sales person working for a bank. Just saying that people don’t really care bout you as you might think they are. Im a non Chinese speaking Malay, and was placed in port klang bank to do sales, where all of the people with money only speaks Chinese, to top it off, I am not allowed to go outside of bank to do sales, instead was forced to be in a bank to help the admin settle issues so the banks kpi is met, and when my evaluation came, I was judged by the poor sales i had done. I also worked in events before and what I have experienced a lot of things you’d never learn in school or college. Makes you wonder why what ever we learn in theory is never aligned with what we learn in practical. Why cant we make the theory same as practical, u know why? What ever u do in practical consists a lot of non ethical actions that is mot allowed thus theory is set up like a fairy tale while practical is a dungeon of shit. Ive also experience the non efficiency of the community to a point where i order for u to get something done you need the title Dato’ in front of your name and in order for you to get a Dato’ you just need a few hundred thousand to just get it and non-longer need to be someone who helps the Tanah Air improve, as simple as to het a council approval or even something from the state department or immigration office.

Thats basically my experience and pov sum in short. You can disagree or agree all you want. But everyone is entitled to a pov and everyone wears different shoes so the steps we take are different from each other. You are not wrong and I am Not right, nor it is the other way around. I have my pot of rice, you have your pot of sushi. Even if we eat sushi, what we taste and what tolerance we endure in swallowing are very different.

So there you go. We are zombies tearing each other apart. We are cancer eating out mother nature till it bleeds and we are the vultures that prey on the carcass of our past in order to grow our future into further dystopian outcome. We are no different then Walking Dead or Matrix or Hunger Games or District 9 or Elysium or Interstellar or Inception or Kill the Messenger. We are our own destruction, we are just too distracted to realize it. I’m not saying I’m perfect. I use to be a sales person calling people to sell credit cards, although the number of people announced as bankrupt by Bank Negara are growing each year, so is the number of people kpi for each credit card sales person in ever bank. Maybe to help this problem Bank Negara should monitor the banks and restrict them more than killing every household with a bad credit card debt. It is the bank in fact that forces this poison into their lives. I have been in events and I have done things that I am mot proud of the make the clients happy in order to get their favor in winning pitches, it mo longer depends on great idea management to win a pitch, its how you make these clients happy. I am also in media now, and I was involved in making A biscuit be more than a biscuit, I made a biscuit a hope symbol for those in health problems i their lives whom has no time to excersize… A buscuit? I am not proud of what I did and where I am but in order to sustain a living I need to be in the system as everything costs money, even the trip to the atm costs money.

This globe is full of lies to a point that It makes me wonder what kind of world my child will grow up in. In my time music comprises of poetry, life story, meaning and advices. Now music is full of butts, and parties, and dope, and wasted , and I want to do you, and your sexy ass is mine & etc. award winning beyoncee goes on her music bout girls own the world, man can step aside, n female is power, she does not realize that besides her singing, her looks, her body exposure, her industry controlling husband actually helped contributed to her success. Music is no longer Rhythm and Poetry. Its only to those who flaunts more and has more sexy girls un their video clips. And not to mention those who wears meat as a fashion statement .

So there you go, humans and humans alone are to be blamed for our own destruction.

Life Reality : Famous

Hello. Do you enjoy having great privacy? Being able to do what ever you want without the hassle of others commenting? Good for u. But if you chose to lead a life pf being famous, you don’t have that right anymore.


Regardless a CEO, celebrity, social influencer or even a John Doe with a twitter follower of 2k people of which more than 50% of ur followers have never met you face to face then u no longer deserve privacy.

Thats the price to pay. Its logic since day one.
In fact being famous actually has an additional clause of a responsibility to your job description, “being a leader”. You know people follow you movements thats why you agree to be the face in that shampoo add, thats why you have the adidas brand on ur jersey. You are the marketing tool. On top of being a marketing tool to sell products, indirectly you’re a marketing tool for human kind. You have the spotlight. Use it to save the world, not drown it.

This is how it is in Hollywood, in England and Bollywood. So don’t expect it to be different in Malaysia. You rise. Up because of the ratings you gained mainly from these low and middle income people, when they need help, you’re obligated to help them, without PAY!!!

Regardless if its the homeless, flood victims, bayi terbuang, emergency operations etc. help. But whats sad to see is , these people gain wealth and go have fun with the upper income earners (parties and so on) , these other famous people and upper income didn’t do a thing to make u famous. So why?